Pipes (Oilfield) is a simple tool that computes the volumes and weights of various oilfield pipes. It also calculates:

  • The metal displacement volume for an open-ended or closed-ended pipe string (Displacement & Capacity Module).
  • The internal volume of a pipe string (Displacement & Capacity Module)
  • The annular volume between two pipe strings (Annular Volume Module).
  • The annular volume between a pipe string and the open hole (Annular Volume Module).
  • The casing and liner cement volumes (Annular Volume Module).
  • The stab-In casing volumes (Annular Volume Module).
  • The cement plug volumes (Annular Volume Module).
  • The annular volume between a pipe string and a combination of pipe strings and open holes (Annular Volume Module).
  • The weight of a pipe string in air or in a fluid (the calculator allows to define a different fluid density inside and outside the pipe string) (Weight of Pipe Module).
  • The friction pressures in pipes and annular ducts
  • The circulating pressures for a drilling or coiled tubing string
  • The formation injection pressure for different fluid models
  • The pressure drop across a jetting tool or a drill bit
  • and the impact pressure of a high pressure jetting tools
  • Fluids rheology for Newtonian, Bingham Plastic, Power Law and Herschel-Bulkley models

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For annular volume calculations, the app allows the addition of an excess percent . This can be applied to either the open hole sections only or to both pipe and open hole sections. Similarly, predicted pumping pressures for circulation, injection in to the formation and jetting through nozzles can be calculated for various fluid models and flow regimes.

Also, the App allows each of the inner and outer strings to be composed of up to three different pipe sections and the same applies to the open hole.

Pipes (Oilfield) includes a complete database of all API casing, drill pipe and tubing pipes as well as the list of the most common coiled tubing and open hole sizes. A provision of adding and deleting user's defined pipes and OH sizes is available through the "User's Data" module.

Moreover, the app allows saving the calculation and sharing them through emails, messaging apps, and through iCloud account to the different user's devices.