The "Rheology" module allows the quick computation of the fluid rheology propertied for various fluid models.
A tutorial video for data entry and calculation is available here.

  • The module allows the selection of the proper bob, rotor and Spring numbers based on the actual viscometer configuration used.
  • It also allows the computation of the fluid properties based on various rheology models.
  • Four rheology models ; Newtonian, Bingham Plastic, Power Law and Herschel Bulkley are available to analyze.
Notes :
  • It is optional to enter all the viscometer readings for the curve fitting properties calculation however, for API properties calculation, the readings market with (*) must be provided.

It is recommended to follow the below sequence of data entry :

1 - Select the viscometer bob, rotor and spring numbers as per the actual viscometer configuration.
Note : typical a 1, 1, 1 combination of Bob, Rotor and Spring numbers is the most common.
2 - For API calculation, select whether a 600/300 RPM or 300/100 RPM readings should be used in the calculation.
Note : for mud, fracturing and gel pumping applications, it is preferable to use the 600/300 RPM readings while for cementing and matrix stimulation applications, the 300/100 RPM readings should be used.
3 - The fan readings marked with (*) must be entered for the calculations to be displayed